Monday, 12 January 2009

Lecture by Istvan Meszaros

This is the text of a lecture written for a meeting held in Conway Hall, London, on 21st October 2008.

István Mészáros, The unfolding crisis and the relevance of Marx, Herramentia, October 2008

The second half (beginning "The immense speculative expansion ...") talks about the roots of the crisis.


  1. Meszaros is always good, deep, as well as oriented to praxis, imo. I recently re-posted the same article to Re-Imagining Economics url: www.economics, I'm reading/chewing my way through "The Chanllenge and Burden of Historical Time" and I continue to be deeply appreciative. My primary problems with Meszaros seems to be finding anyone with whom his material can be discussed particularly his praxis references. Tadit Anderson